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Logistic Services


Logistic Services

IT Clinic provides one-day delivery services for urgent IT equipment needs.
IT Clinic provides efficient logistic services, managing inventory, procurement, and deployment of IT equipment. With expertise in warehousing, shipping, and asset tracking.

Our Services

Trust IT Clinic for reliable and hassle-free logistic solutions tailored to your needs.
IT Clinic provides streamlined logistic and transport services for your IT equipment. From inventory management to delivery, we ensure efficient handling and movement of your assets, minimizing downtime and optimizing resource utilization. Trust IT Clinic for reliable and hassle-free logistic solutions tailored to your needs.


Inventory Tracking

IT Clinic accurately tracks your IT equipment and supplies within the warehouse, ensuring visibility and control over your inventory at all times.


Storage the Old Parts

IT Clinic provides a store-the-old-parts service to manage your outdated or replaced IT equipment responsibly. We securely store these parts in designated facilities, ensuring they are properly cataloged and protected until disposal or repurposing. With our service, you can free up space in your own facilities while maintaining control over your assets and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. Trust IT Clinic to handle your old parts securely and responsibly.


Storage Optimization

We optimize storage space within the warehouse to maximize efficiency and minimize costs, ensuring that your IT inventory is organized and easily accessible.


Express delivery

IT Clinic offers express delivery services with a one-day turnaround time. Whether you need urgent delivery of IT equipment or supplies, our expedited shipping ensures prompt arrival to minimize downtime and meet tight deadlines. Trust IT Clinic for reliable and efficient express delivery solutions tailored to your urgent needs.


Shipping Coordination

We manage the logistics of shipping your IT equipment, including arranging transportation, selecting carriers, and coordinating delivery schedules.


Asset Tracking:

IT Clinic tracks your IT assets throughout the transportation process, providing real-time updates on their location and status to ensure visibility and accountability.